Director:Anastas Shipkov

Few people live in the ancient village of Huitong nowadays, but it has a rich past, dating as far back as the 1880s when a traders family built it ground up in a deserted area, designed for “life in a community” and in contact with nature at the same time. Having in mind many Feng Shui principles and using the typical for southern China grey bricks, the Mo family built a paradise on earth, but not much attention was payed to the village in the second half of 20th century. Almost forgotten in the times of economic development, with houses half destructed by nature, this cultural and historical heritage is today being rebuilt. New walls and roofs are emerging in this traditional Lingnan style, but the materials are still the same – ecological and sustainable. Life is flourishing back into the streets of Huitong as tourists and children visit every day. The bricks of Huitong are coming back together.