Director:Kyllian Alexander Roux

Traditional Chinese doctors believes that man is a part of nature, thus the operation of Qi and blood in his body is closely connected with the change of Yin and Yang in the world. In order to reach the state which is called nature and human are one unity, man should comply with nature.

Located in southwestern part of China. Chongqing is a city with humid climate, which contributes to the accumulation of Shi Qi in man’s body, which can easily lead to sickness. What can help man’s body eliminate Shi Qi is exactly spicy food.

Chongqing is famous around the world for its spicy food, but actually there are many other flavours here. For example, the taste of lifeology, the taste of history, and the taste of nature. These three flavours intertwined with each other and make up the unique flavour of Chongqing.