One of the many highlights during the 25th Annual Shanghai TV Festival was the Magnolia TV Forum which was held from June 10 to June 13. The Magnolia TV Forum consisted of five forums and three master classes.


The Magnolia TV Forum is regarded as a key industry indicator to show the multiple dynamics and changes taking place within the TV industry. This year, the event featured multiple trending topics as the main focus throughout the span of events.


The five TV forums had industry conversations as the main event. The conversations this year focused on the seventeenth anniversary of the founding of China and China’s domestic TV industry developments. The topics of the forum varied from variety shows, TV critics, TV series and more. The mission of the forums is to uphold the international vision to continue to tell great Chinese stories to audiences locally and internationally.


The multiple TV forums at the event discussed the prominence of the domestic content development of China’s TV industry and the willingness for international expansion. The forums emphasized the impact of new trends and technologies in the TV industry as well as filling the development mission of a socialist TV culture with Chinese characteristics in this new era.


Panelists on the forums included industry leaders who have long been at the forefront of the development of China’s TV industry as well as innovators who focus on content production and scholars who have witnessed the development of China’s TV industry. The Magnolia TV Forum strives to promote a better future for China’s TV industry with joint efforts of all parties who are actively working in the TV industry who have the same goals and interest to continue to keep up with new industry trends grow together in modern society.


A continuous highlight of the annual Shanghai TV Festival and the Magnolia TV Forum, are the three master classes focusing on documentary, animation, and TV series’ being led by top industry leaders who have years of applicable experience in the industry. The leaders spoke on the future development of Chinese TV content and categories that are pursuant to the creation of in-depth content.


The Magnolia TV Forum continues to develop innovative minds by taking advantage of their platform to push forward China’s TV industry by giving the world a view of the energetic force that the development of Chinese television has to give back to the industry.


The television programs of this era will continue to support and convey the warmth of human beings around the world. The TV industry is constantly evolving in an age of intersecting media worldwide.


The Magnolia TV Forum conveyed the trends of the TV industry with cutting-edge perspectives and unique bold ideas. Chinese TV elites gathered together to discuss industry trends and the prospect of the radio industry by injecting fresh ideas and thoughts into the development of the TV industry through creative exchanges and mutual learning from one another.


Filled with ideas and creative inspiration, the Magnolia TV Forum continues to establish better content for the Chinese TV industry through the wonderful exchange of views.