CBS News September 14, 2018, 3:57 AM Fort Worth cop shot, seriously wounded confronting robbery suspects

Scene was Fort Worth police officer was shot and seriously wounded early on September 14, 2018

CBS Dallas

A Fort Worth police officer was shot while confronting robbery suspects early Friday morning, reports CBS Dallas. He was in "very serious condition" in a hospital.

Police say one suspect was shot and killed by officers and two others were captured.

The wounded officer was part of a unit surveilling suspects in a series of robberies in Fort Worth, police Sgt. Chris Britt told reporters.

The suspects robbed a bar while the officers were there, were confronted by the officers a short distance away and tried to flee, Britt says.

The suspects attempted tried to get into a car but couldn't and ran on foot. Several officers on scene, in uniform, confronted the suspects.

At least one suspect took out a weapon and fired, hitting the officer. Other officers returned fire and killed that suspect, according to Britt.

Another suspect, a female, was taken into custody immediately. Another suspect, a male, ran from the scene but was found by policed and taken into custody.

There were no other suspects, Britt said.

"We get a lot of support from the citizens of Fort Worth," he added. "We want those citizens to pray for us, think about us, because we've got an officer right now that's going to need it. We've got family of an officer that's going to need it, and we've got a department that's hurting quite a bit."

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