CBS News August 8, 2018, 1:00 PM Researchers may have found second mating site for Atlantic white sharks

Scientists tagged a great white shark named Hilton last year. Now, they hope Hilton can answer key questions about the mysterious predators.

The researchers with Ocearch studied a trip Hilton took to Nova Scotia. They are now preparing to go there themselves for the first time next month on their 33rd expedition. They believe the area is home to a second mating site for Atlantic white sharks.

Chris Fischer, Ocearch's founding chairman and expedition leader, says that in the early phases of their work, they focused on the areas around Cape Cod and Nantucket. But some of the big sharks that were mating led them to the Southeastern U.S., where they tagged two sharks including Hilton. Those sharks led researchers to Nova Scotia, Fischer said.

Oh yeah…kickin’ off #SharkWeek in Nova Scotia! Thrilled to be back!

— HiltonTheShark (@HiltonTheShark) July 23, 2018

The goal is to spend a month in the area finding other sharks. Fischer said learning about the creatures is key to conserving our oceans — and our planet.

"The planet's 71 percent ocean," he said. "If we get the ocean right, the land will be fine. You can't get the ocean right unless you get the large sharks right, so we have to understand their lives."

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