Looking China看中国 ——《天路之路》 The Journey of A Thousand Miles

导演:Richard Nichta Chinese ink sticks are one of the four jewels of study along with brush, paper and inkstone. Underneath the surface of the black substance are hidden workers in workshops without whom one of these treasures of China would not exist. The lack of communication in their workplace is effectively reflected through the silence in the film. Demand is huge, value is high and there is work that needs to be done. This film explores the environment as well as the level of concentration and effort being put behind the product. This film speaks volumes about the lives and work of unsung craftsmen without using a single word. 墨是中国文房四宝之一。在墨漆黑的外表之下,被隐藏起来的是制墨者辛勤的付出,这样中国的文化财富才得以存在。通过无声影片,有效的反射出工作间里没有过多交流的常态。需求大、价值高,正是制墨工作的价值所在。这部影片是对制墨环境的一种探索,同时也是对制墨者辛勤工作的一种呈现。不需一句话,无声胜有声。平民亦是英雄。