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Google secretly monitors millions of schoolkids: lawsuit

Google secretly monitors millions of schoolkids, lawsuit alleges By Kate Gibson February 21, 2020 / 2:02 PM / MoneyWatch "Don't Be Evil" author on Big Tech's power At the forefront of bringing technology to America's classrooms, Google uses its dominance in schools to "spy" on millions of future customers, tracking the digital lives of kids as early as kindergarten, a lawsuit filed by New Mexico's attorney general alleges. "The consequences of Google's tracking cannot be overstated: Children are being monitored by one of the largest data-mining companies in the world, at school, at home, on mobile devices, without their knowledge and without the permission of their parents," according to the suit, filed Thursday by Hector Balderas, the state's attorney general. In just a few years, Google "infiltrated more than half the nation's primary and secondary schools by offering a 'free' web-based service" that gives kids access to applications..
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