Kim Godwin of CBS News honored at gala for One Hundred Black Men

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Kim Godwin, executive vice president of CBS News, was honored Thursday at the 40th annual benefit gala for One Hundred Black Men, a non-profit with the mission of improving opportunities for all African Americans.

Godwin, one of the highest ranking African Americans in network news, was among six honorees described by One Hundred Black Men as working to create those opportunities.

"In today's climate it is necessary to remain focused on the future and what we can do to create a greater tomorrow, not only for ourselves, but also the next generation," said Courtney Bennett, executive director of the organization. "One Hundred Black Men has long been a staple within the African American community for propelling change and striving tirelessly to see that change remain a constant for the betterment of our community. The honorees selected this year are reflective of that same mindset, working in tandem with us to assist in helping create scholarship opportunities for the leaders of tomorrow."

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Godwin, in a video accepting the honor, said half of her job is about "keeping the door open for the next generation – pulling people through that door."

"Diversity and inclusion is really important to all of us," she continued. "And we know that education is the key. Opportunity is the key."

Susan Zirinsky, the president of CBS News, praised Godwin's generous spirit. "Kim's whole M.O. is about sharing," said Zirinsky. "Giving back. Bringing people along. We lead insanely busy lives. But what makes Kim special is that's an important part of her life."

Executive Vice President of CBS News Kim Godwin. 100 Black Men

First published on February 21, 2020 / 5:27 PM

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