Astronaut Christina Koch adorably reunites with dog after record-breaking 328-day space mission

By Sophie Lewis

/ CBS News

Christina Koch reflects on record space mission

A good dog never forgets their favorite human — not even if they spent nearly a year apart. When astronaut Christina Koch returned home from her record stay at the International Space Station, her dog LBD couldn't have been happier to see her.

Koch posted an adorable video of her reunion with LBD, which stands for Little Brown Dog, to Twitter on Thursday.

"Not sure who was more excited," she tweeted. "Glad she remembers me after a year!"

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The sweet video shows LBD eagerly awaiting Koch's arrival, jumping up and pawing at the glass door as she approached. When the door finally opens, LBD greets her with a lot of face-licking and tail-wagging.

Not sure who was more excited. Glad she remembers me after a year!

— Christina H Koch (@Astro_Christina) February 13, 2020

"We call her LBD, Little Brown Dog. She's from the Humane Society and she couldn't be sweeter," Koch told reporters in Houston Wednesday "And yes, she was very excited, I was very excited, I'm not sure who was more excited! … You know it's just a symbol of coming back to the people and places that you love, to see your favorite animal."

Koch landed back on Earth last week after a record-setting 11-month journey in space, completing the longest single spaceflight by a woman. She and astronaut Jessica Meir carried out the first all-female spacewalk in October.

NASA is currently is focused on plans to send the first woman and the next man to the moon by the end of 2024. NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine has said the crew for that mission will be selected from NASA's current pool of astronauts who have lived and worked aboard the International Space Station.

In an interview with CBS Evening News anchor Norah O'Donnell, Koch said she would happily go if called upon.

"A mission like that would be such an incredible honor," she said.

First published on February 13, 2020 / 6:36 PM

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