October 8, 2019, the Chinese and American Film Festival (CAFF) and the Chinese American Television Festival (CATF), organized by EDI Media Inc., held its Press Release Conference to announce the upcoming 15th Chinese American Film Festival and Chinese American Television Festival at EDI Cultural Center. Along released were the festival schedules.

Those who expressed congratulations and delivered short remarks at the conference included:

Mr. James Su, Chairman of CAFF and CATF
Bob Underwood, Foreign Task Force from WGA
Rob Minkoff, director of the Academy Award–winning animated feature The Lion King
Steven Long Mitchell, Emmy Award nominated Writer and Executive Producer of Tin Man
Ellen Eliasoph, CEO of the Perfect Village Entertainment
Omar Akram, Grammy Award winner,
Peter Rafelson, Platinum Record Music producer, producing albums for Lady GaGa, Taylor Swift, and Beyoncé

Also present were Michael Antonovich, former Supervisor of LA County, Lloyd Johnson, Mayor of West Covina, Margaret Clark, Mayor of Rosemead, Jerry Velasco, Mayor pro tem of El Monte, Chin Ho Liao, Council Member of San Gabriel, they presented their certificates of congratulations, all with warm wishes that the 15th CAFF and CATF 2019 becomes a landmark of success.

In addition to grand ceremonial activities, from Nov. 3, to Nov.30, the 15th CAFF and CATF will hold a dozen sub-events including Film and Television Summit, Film and Television Market, Presentation of the Golden Angel Awards and Film and Television Work Showcases which includes more than 200 film screenings.

Each year, the Film and Television Market hosts more than 300 participants who exchange and cooperate through this platform. More than 500 outstanding Chinese and American films will be screened with a total number of audiences exceeding 1.3 million.

Admission to all activities at the 15th Chinese American Film Festival and Chinese American Television Festival, 2019 are through tickets which are available for purchase now at www.cafilmfestival.org or please call (626) 856-3889 for more information.