Calif. man tells authorities his wife was murdered in bizarre 911 call

Multimillionaire real estate investor Peter Chadwick and his wife Q.C. vanished from their posh Newport Beach, Calif., home in the middle of the day — hours later, he called 911 from a gas station near the Mexican border

Peter Chadwick to 911: “My wife’s dead …They took her!”

In the early morning hours of Oct. 11, 2012, Peter Chadwick made a call to 911 from a gas station near the Mexico border in San Diego. He claimed that the previous morning, a man named "Juan" murdered his wife, Q.C., at their Newport Beach, Calif., home.

According to Chadwick, "Juan" then kidnapped him and put Q.C.'s body in Chadwick's SUV.

With "Juan" by his side, Chadwick says he drove more than 100 miles to the Mexico border in San Diego where they met another man named "Chee." Chadwick claimed the two men were going to take Q.C.'s body to Mexico.

After they left, Chadwick entered a nearby gas station and asked the clerk to call 911.

At the end of the 911 call, police arrive to talk to Chadwick. Listen to excerpts of the call in the video above.

Correspondent Tracy Smith and "48 Hours" go deep inside the investigation into the search for Peter Chadwick — accused of killing his wife and staging a kidnapping plot — in "#FindPeterChadwick." airing Saturday, May 11 at 10/9c on CBS.