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Author Mary Calvi with correspondent Jim Axelrod, and a painting of Mary Philipse, the first love of Col. George Washington, and the subject of her historical romance, "Dear George, Dear Mary."

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COVER STORY: George Washington's first love
The familiar portrait of the father of our country is of the model of virtue and resolve who could not tell a lie. But author Mary Calvi says her research uncovered details about the first love of George Washington's life, the heiress Mary Philipse, one of the wealthiest women in the colonies, and how their relationship may not have ended once each of them was married to others. Jim Axelrod reports on the story behind "Dear George, Dear Mary," about the first president's first love.

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Correspondent Faith Salie with curator Valerie Steele, at a recent Fashion Institute of Technology exhibition in New York City devoted to the color pink. CBS News

COLORS: In the pink
Love it or hate it, pink is the most divisive color in American society, associated with gender stereotypes that leave some seeing red. After gaining favor in Europe as the preferred color for the fashionable and aristocratic, pink became linked with notions of sugar and spice and everything nice – and that's when businesses started seeing green. Faith Salie offers a history of pink, which has actually had quite a colorful life.

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Singer Dionne Warwick. CBS News

MUSIC: Dionne Warwick
In a career spanning six decades Dionne Warwick has been a part of our lives. She still performs at 78, and has a new album coming out this year. Mo Rocca sits down with the singer famous for such classics as "Walk On By," "I'll Say a Little Prayer," "That's What Friends Are For," and "Do You Know the Way to San Jose," a song she tells Rocca she hates.

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Sammy Davis Jr.
Mo Rocca's podcast explores the life and career of the man many consider the greatest entertainer of the 20th century.

You can download the episode on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Megaphone, Stitcher, or Spotify on Friday, February 15. New episodes are available every week.

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Sign language

A "love nut," a product of the Coco De Mer tree, which only grows on the Seychelles Islands. CBS News

The Seychelles Islands, nearly a thousand miles off the eastern coast of Africa, are known for being a honeymoon hotspot. Part of the allure is a product of the Coco De Mer tree. Called "love nuts," these seeds are rare, large (weighing up to 30 pounds), shaped like a derriere, and are said to have aphrodisiacal properties. Conor Knighton visited the Seychelles, where a love of the love nut permeates island culture.

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Correspondent Lee Cowan with actress Melissa McCarthy, an Oscar-nominee for the film "Can You Ever Forgive Me?," at the Iliad Bookshop in North Hollywood, Calif. CBS News

"THE ENVELOPE, PLEASE …": Melissa McCarthy
Actress Melissa McCarthy enjoys studying people, whether it's for comedic performances, riotous impersonations, or the more dramatic role for which she's been nominated for an Academy Award, playing one of the most prolific literary forgers in history in "Can You Ever Forgive Me?" Lee Cowan talked with Cowan about her portrayal of Lee Israel, the bestselling biographer who in her later years typed her way into a life of petty crime.

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I am a news junkie
Comedian Jim Gaffigan has a confession to make: he's addicted to the news. But how could anyone deny the all-consuming nature of the drama, the mystery, the indictments?

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Author Don Winslow, author of such bestsellers as "The Force" and "The Cartel," talks with Jeff Glor about his latest novel, "The Border." CBS News

BOOKS: Don Winslow
After two bestselling novels set along America's Southern border, author Don Winslow thought he'd exhausted the topic of the drug trafficking trade. But there is more story to tell, inspired by President Trump's controversial plan to build a wall. Winslow talks with Jeff Glor about borders – ethical, moral, political – and whether, if we cross them, we can ever cross back.

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Week of February 18
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