By Vladimir Duthiers CBS News January 31, 2019, 6:45 PM St. Louis officer released on bond in alleged Russian roulette death of fellow cop

A St. Louis police officer accused of killing a fellow officer during a Russian roulette-style game — was released Thursday on bond and put under house arrest.

Officer Nathaniel Hendren walked out of jail, with his head down, as he awaits trial for allegedly shooting fellow-officer, Katlyn Alix, 24.

Nathaniel Hendren seen leaving jail on Thu., Jan. 31, 2019. KMOV-TV

Prosecutors say Hendren and his partner, who were on duty, were hanging out at Hendren's house after midnight last Thursday who was off duty.

According to charging documents, Hendren and Alix reportedly took turns holding a revolver that was loaded with a single bullet.

The documents said at some point "the defendant took the gun back and pointed it at the victim pulled the trigger causing the gun to discharge. The victim was struck in the chest."

Police initially labeled the shooting accidental. But Hendren was charged with involuntary manslaughter the next day. The circuit attorney Kimberly Gardner has criticized the St. Louis Police Department with obstructing the investigation.

"The complaint is offensive to unit and myself," said St. Louis Police Commissioner John Hayden.

This undated photo released by the St. Louis Police Department shows officer Katlyn Alix. St. Louis Police Dept.

Alix was buried Wednesday. Her mother, Aimee, described her love of service

"She always told me mom if I died, doing something I loved to do made me feel a little better," she said.

Hendren was ordered to surrender any firearms in his possession and his partner has been placed on administrative leave. The St. Louis police department said effective immediately, supervisors will have to verify the location of their officers every hour using GPS.

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