In bizarre police video, murder suspect sings "I did it! Yes, I did it."

Shayna Hubers was taken into custody after calling 911 and reporting to police she'd killed her boyfriend in self-defense — she was read her rights and asked for an attorney, but she did not remain silent

Ryan Poston, 29, a successful young attorney, was gunned down in his own home on Oct. 12, 2012. The shooter: his on-again, off-again girlfriend, a beautiful, young graduate student named Shayna Hubers.

She says it was self-defense. Police say it was something else.

What is certain is Hubers, 21, shot Poston six times. She admitted she shot him the moment she dialed 911. But what led to the shooting, however, is where the story takes unexpected turns.

After the incident, Hubers was taken to police headquarters and read her rights. There, she told police she wanted a lawyer but then, unexpectedly, began talking on and off for more than two-and-half-hours with a police camera rolling:

Police video: Murder suspect talks and talks and talks

Hubers also danced, sang and snapped her fingers humming, "I did it! Yes, I did it."

Police video: Watch suspect sing and dance

She even worried about her future marriage prospects.

Police video: Murder suspect asks, "Will anybody want to marry me?