James Comey to testify again before House Judiciary Committee

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Comey speaks after House hearing

Former FBI Director James Comey is testifying today before the House Judiciary Committee in a closed session. It's Comey's second appearance before lawmakers this month as part of an effort by Republicans who are pressing questions about Hillary Clinton and her private email server in 2016.

An attorney with the Justice Department told members of the House Judiciary Committee during the session earlier this month that the fired FBI director would not answer some of their questions, which led to frustration among Republicans. Democrats called that hearing a waste of time.

Since then, Comey, in a public appearance in New York, urged Americans to "get off the couch" and vote to deny President Trump re-election in 2020, referring to Mr. Trump's presidency as an "attack on our values." He also said in that appearance that he would be "fine" if Congress were to vote to impeach and remove Mr. Trump from office.

First published on December 17, 2018

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