By Caroline Linton CBS News October 12, 2018, 11:03 PM Mega Millions winning numbers announced for $548 million jackpot

A ticket is seen ahead of the Mega Millions lottery draw in Manhattan, New York, July 1, 2016.


The winning numbers drawn Friday for Mega Millions are 4, 24, 46, 61, 70 and the Mega Ball number is 7. The top prize reached $548 million, with a one-time cash option of $309 million.

Mega Millions' record haul was a $656 million jackpot shared by people in three states in 2012. Just behind that was a $648 million pot won in California and Georgia on Dec. 17, 2013.

The biggest prize won on a single ticket was for $543 million. An office pool of 11 co-workers in California divided it.

Meanwhile, Powerball, which will be drawn on Saturday, has climbed to $314 million.

Friday's winning Mega Millions numbers

The jackpot's been growing since it was last won July 24.

How to play Mega Millions

Mega Millions tickets cost $2 per play and there are a total of nine ways to win a prize, ranging from the jackpot down to $2. You can play Mega Millions in 46 localities: 44 states plus the District of Columbia and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

The odds of winning a jackpot remain abysmal at 1 in 258.9 million for Mega Millions and 1 in 292.2 million for Powerball.

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