By Chip Reid CBS/AP September 11, 2018, 6:56 PM Heroes of Flight 93 remembered at "Tower of Voices" memorial

SHANKSVILLE, Pa. — The names of the 40 passengers and crew members of Flight 93 were read solemnly aloud Tuesday near the field where their lives were lost on 9/11.

Soon after Flight 93 took off it was hijacked by terrorists. Passengers and crew members phoned loved ones and learned that two planes had already struck the World Trade Center towers.

They voted, and decided to act.

"They bravely charged the cockpit. They attacked the enemy. They fought until the very end," President Trump said at Tuesday's ceremony.

On Sunday, the "Tower of Voices" was dedicated here, the final piece of a new memorial. When finished, it will contain 40 wind chimes intended to recall the voices of the passengers and crew in their final heartbreaking calls and voicemails.

In Shanksville, Pa., at the site of the crash of Flight 93, the "Tower of Voices" remembers the 40 passengers and crew who heroically thwarted their hijackers' plans.

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Gordon Felt is president of the Families of Flight 93. His brother, Ed Felt, was a passenger on the plane.

"For me, the Tower of Voices is a symbol of defiance — 93 feet tall, standing at the entrance to this memorial, defiantly speaking for our loved ones," Felt said.

Loved ones who found heroes within — and who will be honored here for countless generations to come.