By William Harwood CBS News August 30, 2018, 9:43 AM Pressure leak detected aboard the International Space Station

The International Space Station.


A "minute pressure leak" was detected aboard the International Space Station Wednesday evening. NASA said in a status update that the lab's six-member crew is in no danger as troubleshooting continues.

The agency's post indicates the leak is located in the Russian segment of the station, and social media posts based on monitored air-to-ground transmissions indicate it may be in the Soyuz MS-09 ferry ship docked at the Rassvet module.

The Soyuz MS-09 carried Sergey Prokopyev, German astronaut Alexander Gerst and NASA astronaut Serena Auñón-Chancellor into orbit June 6.

The Russian space agency Roscosmos has not released an update.

Last night, flight controllers in Houston and Moscow detected a minute pressure leak on station. The crew is in no danger and is actively working troubleshooting procedures. More:

— Intl. Space Station (@Space_Station) August 30, 2018

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